Rastaman Vibrations Podcast #94

November 8th, 2017

image003.jpgRastaman Vibrations Podcast #94

This episode of Rastaman Vibrations has some help from Tropidelic, from Cleveland, Ohio, and also Romy K, from the Ivory Coast. For more about Romy K, look for the link to the story of Aphrika-Beat on our Facebook page. Thanks also to Mike Cubillos for contacting me, and the guys from Tropidelic were a fun new band to hear. Look for both Tropidelic and Romy  K on You Tube!

Rastaman Vibrations Playlist #94

  • Hey Now - Tropidelic
  • Walking in Sunshine - Bad Manners
  • Blaze a Fire - Dubmatix
  • Babylon - DJ Ironbelly
  • King of Kings - Fantan Mojah
  • Dis Ya Musik - Rastafarians
  • Have Faith - Romy K
  • Mama Africa - Peter Tosh
  • Black Disciples - Burning Spear
  • Eden - Bushman
  • Retro Dub Pt.1 - Guerrilla Dub System
  • Natural Wild - Prince Lincoln and the Rasses
  • War - Errol Dunkley, Roman Stewart (ft. Bob Marley)
  • People Listen - Prezident Brown
  • Dollar Saved - Tropidelic


Look for "Have Faith, Telling Story by Aphrika-Beat" on You Tube.