Rastaman Vibrations Podcast #98

March 4th, 2018

Rastaman Vibrations Reggae Podcast #98

This podcast is an African Reggae themed show. First I would like to wish Eddy Grant a Happy 70th Earthday, on March 5th. I would like to thank Ras Romy K for his willingness to work with me and provide his music to my podcast. To cover all of Africa would take more than one podcast, and much research. I hope you enjoy the music, I enjoyed learning more about African Reggae.

Rastaman Vibrations Podcast #98 Playlist

  • Ambush - Romy K (Ivory Coast)
  • Living On The Frontline - Eddy Grant (Guyana)
  • Africa Taferka - Idir ft.Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast)
  • Scatterlings of Africa - Juluka, Johnny Clegg (South Africa)
  • Cameroun - Alpha Blondy (Ivory Coast)
  • Kude A Bamba - Ras Midas (JA/Swahili)
  • Slave - Lucky Dube (Ivory Coast)
  • Wadini - Toure Kunda (Senegal)
  • Souka Nayo(I Will Follow You) - Baaba Maal (Senegal)
  • One Fine Day - Crucial Lion (Zambia)
  • Congaleo - Angelique Kidjo (Senegal)
  • African Woman - Sarah Zawedde (Uganda)
  • Do You Feel My Love - Eddy Grant (Guyana)
  • Safari - African Vibration (Kenya)
  • One Step Forward - Tiken Jah Fakoly ft. Max Romeo (Ivory Coast)
  • Free Africa, Free Mandela - Majek Fashek (Nigeria)
  • Jah Light - Alpha Blondy (Ivory Coast)